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OIL STORAGE SOLUTIONS -Tank Pan 15-Containment Pan

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tank pan 15

Concerned about a leaky filter or tank?

15 gallon containment pan for 275 gallon tanks

Installs in less than 30 seconds

Place under tank and snap in supplied clips

Order # 2003

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Oil Tank Pan 15



Tank Gauge Replacement Vials

oem vialscully vial

Got a broken tank gauge vial?

We have replacements for most major brands

OEM Tank Gauge Vial

Replacement gauge vial and gasket kit.

oem vial

The item pictured fits OEM brand gauges

Item #4495...$9.80

OEM Tank Gauges

Scully Tank Gauge Vial

Replacement gauge vial and gasket kit.

scully vial

The item pictured fits Scully brand gauges

Item #6495....$9.80

Scully Tank Gauges

Krueger Gauge Repair Kit

All in one kit replaces all the non metal components on top of the gauge.
Easy inexpensive way to fully repair your Krueger Sentry Tank Gauge.


Item# H-KIT...$12.00

Krueger Sentry Gauges

Krueger Gauge Solid Glass Repair Kit

Solid Glass Calibration Top, Indicator Tube, Gasket, Aluminum Lock Nut

oil tank gauge, tank gauge vial, tank guage repair kit, oil tank gauge repair kit, krueger gauge, krueger gauge repair kit, glass top calibration

Item #HSG Kit...$34

Krueger Sentry Gauges

Heating Oil Tank Lock

heating oil tank lock

Are you protecting your oil from theft?

With skyrocketing fuel prices, theft is on the rise. Safegaurd your fuel investment with this easy to install tank lock.

Suitable for use on below ground and above ground oil heating storage tanks.

For use on all 2'' male or female threads as well as the NYC 'Speed Fill' adapters.

1 1/2" NPT tank adapter available

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Keeps oil nice and toasty to prevent gelling and promotes smooth oil flow

tank heater, oil tank heater, tank warmertank warmer, tank heater

Engineered to combat the thickening and congealing that can occur during cold weather months in above ground tanks. These systems were designed specifically for 275-330 Gallon vertical and horizontal heating oil tanks

Order #80083 for 275-330 Gallon vertical tank

Order # 80084 for 275-330 Gallon horizontal tank

oil tank heater, tank warmer, tank heater

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Prices starting at $249

Rollie Systems Oil Tank Heaters

Are you gellin'?

rollie tank heaters

Prevents gelling by warming the oil and promoting natural convection in the tank

Heater models for tanks that draw from top, bottom or sides

Also - DEF Tank Heaters, Waste Oil/Vegetable Oil Tank Heaters and Filter Heaters too!

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Prices starting at $202

Indoor/Outdoor DC Cable Extension Kits

DC cable extension kit

Need to extend your power cord to get to the tank? Select the kit that suits your needs. Choose from kits with 1, 2 or no J-Boxes, and with 50' or 100' cable extension lengths.

Complete kits include 50' or 100' of cable, 1 or 2 weatherproof J-Boxes, with weatherproof strain releif connectors, and heavy-duty screw terminal blocks for reliability and durability

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Prices starting at $49

KLEEN-FLO Universal Floating Suction Line

kleen flo

Got crud and sludge in your tank clogging filters, lines and nozzles?

Universal Floating Suction Line allows your furnace to draw clean fuel oil from the top leaving dirt and water on the bottom to end clogged fuel line problems

Fits any tank, vertical or horizontal with 2" NPT opening

Significantly reduces filter and nozzle clogging

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New, Safe, "GREEN" products to clean up Fuel Oils/Hydrocarbons

oil solutions

Got an Oil Spill or Stain?

Oil Solutions™ Step 1 & 2 and the Oil Solutions™ Powder products are new, safe, "GREEN" products to clean up Fuel Oils/Hydrocarbons. Harmless to our environment, animals, Fish, plant life or us. You cant mess this up, and you will not hurt any surfaces.


Oil Solutions™ works on any fuel, on any surface, from old oil stains to new oil spills. Regardless of what method you're using to clean your oil spills, we guarantee that this product will save you time and money! Put us to the test on your fuel/hydrocarbon spill!

This product will take oil completely out of water, safely! Oil Solutions™ works on contact. As soon as Oil Solutions™ touches Fuel Oil/Hydrocarbons, the patented micro-encapsulation formula cleans the oil stain, oil odor and the oil itself.


os powder

From $24

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os 1and2


Waterwick Cell


Got water in your tank?


Absorbs water from the bottom of your tank

Installs in seconds

Reduces rust and bacteria formation

Prevents frozen oil lines

Just drop Kwik-Zorb in your tank and leave it in up to 1 year!

Easy retrieval!

Fits 1 1/2" or larger diameter openings

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