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Universal Floating Suction Line

The KLEEN-FLO Universal Floating Suction Line allows your furnace to draw clean fuel oil from the top leaving dirt and water on the bottom to end clogged fuel line problems.

The bottoms of storage tanks are notorious for contamination. The oil is usually fouled by
the accumulation of water, sludge, dirt and sediment. The KLEEN-FLO floating suction
line utilizes only the upper oil level, reducing nozzle and filter performance problems
caused by contaminants in the tank.
The KLEEN-FLO is particularly effective during oil tank fill-ups, when the oil supply is
most vulnerable to contamination as new fuel is added, stirring up bottom sediment.


  • Fits any tank, vertical or horizontal

  • Significantly reduces filter and nozzle clogging

  • Standard 2" threaded connection

  • Ideal for single or two pipe systems

  • Made to last-fabricated from high quality, non-corrosive materials

  • The float and tubing are oil-resistant and B20 rated

  • Stainless clamps and fittings for durability

Kleen-Flo Universal Floating Suction Line


kleen flo universal suction line

The KLEEN-FLO Universal Floating Suction Line float follows the oil level and ensures that only clean and water-free oil is sucked to the burner

Kleen-Flo Universal Floating Suction Line

Item #578M...$109


(Caution: Installation done by unqualified persons can result in hazards to that person and others. These hazards may include spillage of fuel oil, fire, severe burns, damage to system components and other hazards)