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Waterwick Cell Fuel Tank Water Absorber


Got water in your tank? Now a totally easy and inexpensive way to remove water condensate from your oil tank.


KWIK-ZORB Waterwick is designed specifically to absorb water from the bottom of the oil or kerosene tank before it causes damage. It helps prolong burner life, prevents frozen oil lines, minimizes filter clogging, and reduces rust, and bacteria formation.

Simply drop the KWIK-ZORB into the tank; the KWIK-ZORB sinks to the bottom of the tank where unwanted water collects. The highly-absorbent sock inside the perforated tube draws in and holds 8 ounces of water in 30 minutes. It repels oil, gas, and diesel fuel. The tough nylon line makes deployment and retrieval easy.

Cell Dia. 1 ½”

Appx. Water Absorbency 8 oz


  • KWIK-ZORB Waterwick
  • Instructions Sheet
  • Disposable Bag


Kwik-Zorb Waterwick Cell

Item # KWIKZ.....$29


kwik zorb

kwik zorb


When KWIK-ZORB absorbs the maximum amount of water, it will appear as a tight bladder completely filling the plastic enclosure. Until this condition occurs it may remain in the fuel tank. KWIK-ZORB can stay in your tank for up to one year!


Protect your tank!

Get the water out!


(Caution: Service done by unqualified persons can result in hazards to that person and others. These hazards may include spillage of fuel oil, fire, severe burns, damage to system components and other hazards)