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Oil solutions™
GREEN Products To Clean Up Oil Spills



step 1 and 2

For Oil Spills on Hard Surfaces and Soils

OS Step 1/OS Step 2 is the Complete solution for remediation & clean-up of fuel, oil, and other hydrocarbon spills. Oil spills on hard surfaces and soils, including (but not limited too) cement, soil, wood, asphalt, metal, stone, vinyl siding, painted surfaces, paneling, plants/grass are no match for OS Step 1/Step 2.

Oil Solutions™ Step 1 / Step 2 is a unique absorbent that remediates and cleans up hydrocarbon spills from hard surfaces and soils. Through a patented microencapsulation process, the hazardous characteristics of the waste such as ignitability, corrosivity, reactivity and toxicity, are quickly eliminated. Upon contact the odor of the waste and the stain left behind are also eliminated. This two-part solution rapidly absorbs, emulsifies, and binds spilled materials into a solid, inert, stable white powder. The resulting silica (sand) matrix is resistant to water leaching and effectively locks the hazardous components into a stable, environmentally-safe residue. 

Can be used to treat a large variety of contaminants ranging from heavy oils and sludge to light fuels and solvents 

• Gasoline • Crude Oil • Kerosene
• Diesel • Automotive Fluids • Jet Fuel
• Motor Oils • Hydraulic Fluids • Paints & Solvents

And removes waste from:

• Concrete • Soil • Wood
• Metal • Rock • Vinyl Siding
• Painted Surfaces • Paneling • Plants and Grass

A Fast and Effective Two-Step Process: 

STEP 1: The Oil Solutions™ Step 1 Additive is a non-hazardous liquid formulated with a strong affinity for hydrocarbons and reacts within seconds when applied to a spill. 

 The Oil Solutions™ Step 2 Additive is also a non-hazardous liquid that is applied as a curing agent immediately following application of Oil Solutions Step 1 creating a solid residue. 

step 1 and step 2

Instructions for Use:

Pour of Spray Oil Solutions™ STEP 1 on any kind of hydrocarbon spill; use a 1:1 ratio. Once entire spill is in contact with Step 1, apply Oil Solutions STEP 2. The original spill is now permanently encapsulated in the OIL SOLUTIONS™ patented “green” technology.

The end product quickly turns into a solid, non-hazardous white silica (sand) dust. This end product may remain on the spill site and potentially eliminate further clean-up or remediation costs or it can be easily swept away and disposed of. The microencapsulated residue is resistant to water penetration and leaching, and offeres impressive long-term stability.

Treats 200 square feet per gallon.

Check out the video to see how it works!






For Oil Spills on Water or Surfaces

Oil Solutions™ polymer powder is a unique super-absorbent that can reduce the time and costs associated with remediation and clean-up of a wide variety of fuel, oil, and other hydro-carbon spills on water or on surfaces.  While reducing risk, liability, and costs, Oil Solutions™ Powder provides a safe, simple, and effective means for not just absorption, but microencapsulation of oil spills on water or on any surface. 

  • Environmentally safe
  • Does not absorb water
  • Floats before and after use 
  • Effectively absorbs more than ten times its weight 
  • Will not adhere to shorelines or other materials 
  • Non-toxic and non-hazardous
  • Can be recycled or used as a bulk energy source 


Simply apply the Oil Solutions™ (OS) polymer powder over the spill area to rapidly absorb and transform the spill into solid clusters, suitable for easy recovery. Hydrocarbons such as crude oil and most fuels will form a solid mat.

powder steps

For Oil Spills on Water or Surfaces
Oil Solutions™ polymer powder is a unique super-absorbent that can reduce the time and costs associated with remediation and clean-up of a wide variety of fuel, oil, and other hydro-carbon spills on water or on surfaces. 

See Oil Solutions™ Powder Work in Water and Reeds-Click Here 

OS powder requires less product per spill compared to traditional absorbent products. OS Powder remains afloat while other products may float for only a limited time. These attributes, combined with rapid, effective spill control performance, makes OS Powder extremely cost effective. Depending on the application requirements and environmental conditions, OS Powder is typically applied at a rate of 2 lbs. per 3 gallons of spilled hydrocarbon.

Check out the videos to see how it works!

For Spills On Water:

Or Hard Surface Spills:


Regulatory Compliance
Oil Solutions Powder is listed with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency under the National Oil and Hazardous Substances Pollution Contingency Plan (NCP), Subpart J Product Schedule (40 Code of Federal Regulations Part 300.900) and may be authorized for use by Federal On-Scene Coordinators and Regional Response Teams in accordance with 40 CFR Section 300.920. Oil Solutions Powder can be used on any body of water and will deliver excellent remediation resulting in low TPH (typically less than 10 ppm) in the affect water depending on conditions. Used of absorbed OS Powder may be disposed of in landfills since it meets US and Canadian TCLP leachate standards, thus alleviating the characteristics that render these spill hazardous. Incineration is also an acceptable method of disposal since OS Powder on its own will contribute 19,000 BTUs per pound during incineration with no ash.

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