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Heating Oil Tank Lock
Anti-Theft Keyed Heating Oil Tank Lock


Lock Up Your Oil!

Are you protecting your fuel from theft? With skyrocketing fuel prices theft is on the rise. The the FSS 750 is a smart investment in protecting and securing your assets. The FSS 750 is different from any other cap on the market, in that the cap is secured to the filler neck by a unique patented ‘spinsecure’ technology. When the cap is in the secure mode the cap will free spin making it virtually impossible to remove. Assett secured!


  • Suitable for use on below ground and above ground oil heating storage tanks.
  • For use on all 2'' male or female threads as well as the NYC (Scully) 'Speed Fill' adapters.
  • Tubular lock and key with over 50,000 combinations.
  • Cap has a weather proof self closing latch covering the face of the lock to prevent dust,dirt,debris and moisture from entering the lock.
  • Made from heavy duty corrosion resistant material for years of reliable use.
  • Locks can be key alike for multiple use convenience (contact us for this option)





heating oil tank lock

heating oil tank lock

Oil Tank Lock with 2"NPT male to male adapter (included)

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