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Ultrasonic Tank Level Gauges

The Secu Tech Ultrasonic Tank level Gauges are full-featured ultrasonic, tank mounted or remote mounted, digital fluid level gauges. Move over float arms and string gauges, this gauge has it all, with no moving parts! Accurately measures levels of Diesel, Heating Oil, Lubricants, Water, Waste Water, DEF and more within 1 cm! Choice of models to operate on batteries or external power for maximum convenience. These gauges are direct replacement for mechanical gauges.



  • Touch-less ultrasonic distance measurement
  • Typically used for: Diesel, Heating Oil, Lubricants, Water, Waste Water, DEF
  • Measuring distance 19-270 cm (7.5in - 106in)
  • Operating Temparature Range: -10°C – +45°C (14°F – 113°F)
  • Accuracy +/- 1cm
  • Intelligent SW Algorithm for stable and reliable measurement
  • No maintenance necessary
  • Two lines digital display
  • Automatic measurement every 24 hours, or manually immediately
  • Low power consumption
  • 4 AA battery life approximately 1 1/2 years
  • Simple installation
  • 1.5 and 2 inch thread fits for most tanks
  • 3 types of tanks supported: square, horizontal cylinder, vertical cylinder
  • Vertical tanks - Select Tank shape "cubic" (Tank Type 1)
  • Horizontal tanks - Select Tank Shape "cylindric horizontal" (Tank Type 2)



Operating Instruction Manual

Gallons Conversion Chart

Secu-Tech Ultrasonic Tank Level Gauges






Four Models to Choose From

What's different about them?

LC-100--Tank Mounted, Battery Operated - Specification Sheet

LC-101--Tank Mounted, External Power Supply - Specification Sheet

LC-102--Remote Mounted, External Power Supply (16' cable length) - Specification Sheet

LC-103--Remote Mounted, Battery Operated (16' cable length) - Specification Sheet



- Level in Gallons

- Level in Percent

- Distance in inches (between sensor and liquid level)

- Average daily usage in Gallons

-Remaining days of supply

-Average consumption within the last 10 days

-Date & time

-Adjustable Tank Offset (distance to maximum filling level)



  • Ultrasonic measurement with no probes touching the liquid
  • Top-mounted
  • Multiple Measurements for dependable result
  • Power supply: Four 1.5V AA batteries or an external power supply.
  • Warning-Signal for low voltage batteries
  • Measuring distance: 19cm - 270 cm (7.5in - 106in) distance to liquid top-level
  • Measuring every 24 hours automatically
  • Instant measurement upon button pressed

The Sensor needs to be mounted on top of the tank and must be sealed. Easily mounted and unmounted.

These Tank-Level-Gauges are used for:

Diesel, Heating Oil, Water, Lubricants, Vegetable oil, Diesel Exhaust Fuel (DEF, AdBlue), Waste Water, other Liquids (Not recommended for gasoline)


operating elements




lc100 Tank Mounted, Battery Operated LC-100


Tank Mounted, External Power Supply LC-101


Remote Mounted, External Power Supply (16' cable length) LC-102


Remote Mounted, Battery Operated (16' cable length) LC-103