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Need to see a Tank Chart? Here's one that converts between inches in your tank and gallons:

tank Chart

Remote Reading Fuel Oil products
Product Comparison Chart  


Fuel Monitoring System




Read Out


Sending Unit




Price Starting From



Fuel Minder II

Like the gas gauge in your car, The Fuel Minder lets you know instantly how much fuel oil you have in your home or business. Read fuel levels from any room.



Hardwired Automotive Type Analog Gauge



Proportional Readout at remote location(s) only


Fuel Minder 2


fuel minder brassfuel minder chrome


digital gauge





Fuel Minder III

Accurate remote digital readout. Provides precise fuel levels in inches or gallons



Hardwired digital LED gauge


Proportional Digital Readout at multiple possible locations



fm 2


fm 3




Beckett Rocket (formerly the OEM Rocket)

Wireless fuel gauge system provides visual fuel level readout and audible low level alarm



Ultrasonic wireless LCD gauge


10 Level Points

(Each bar represents 10% of tank capacity)


OEM sender


OEM receiver





Rollie Wireless Wi-Fi Ultrasonic Remote Tank Gauge Systems

WiFi Wireless Ultrasonic Reomote Tank Level Monitor


Web Enabled Ultrasonic Wireless LCD Gauge - Very Accurate


Shows tank levels in Gallons, Inches and Percent--local display AND wifi internet enabled








The Smart Oil Gauge™

A smart oil tank monitor that you control from your phone.


Wireless Ultrasonic Tank Gauge. Wi-Fi is required at the tank


Shows tank levels and consumption history on your smart phone


wireless tank gauge, wireless tank level monitor, oil tank gauge, oil tank monitor, wi-fi tank gauge, internet tank level gauge


wireless tank gauge, wireless tank level monitor, oil tank gauge, oil tank monitor, wi-fi tank gauge, internet tank level gauge




Krueger ACU Gauge

Vertical Float Type Sensing Device with digital readout for tanks up to 60" deep

Very Accurate




Gauge only or Use With Optional Remote Display



Reads in Inches


ACU gauge


Optional Remote Displays

ACU remote display fuel minder III




National Magnetic

Colored led lights display the oil level in your tank


Hardwired LED gauge

Magnetic Reed Switches


5 Level Points





national magnetics receiver




Cruzpro FU60

The FU60 "smart" gauge "learns" your tank and fuel sender characteristics and is accurate with ANY tank shape. Reads GALLONS or PERCENT %


Hardwired Digital LCD gauge


Fuel level can be displayed with a resolution of 0.1 liters or gallons or as a percentage (0 to 100%)







from $239


Krueger LED At A Glance

Hardwired Remote LED readout

Requires: Krueger Sentry Galvanized Direct Reading Gauge




Magnetic Reed Switch


9 Level Points


At A Glance Transmitter


At A Glance Reciever




Krueger Alarm Gauge

Direct or Remote Mount Alarm Gauge

High Alarm, Low Alarm, or Overfill Alarm ALL IN ONE!



Choice of: Audible Alarm, or Flashing Light, or Dry Contacts, or Combinations



1 Alarm Set point


Krueger alarm Gauge


Remote or Direct Read Audible Alarm or Flashing Light Indicator or Dry Contacts to Activate a Relay Switch, or Combinations of Above






Industrial Grade Hydrostatic Pneumatic Readout



Hydrostatic Pressure



NEW! Now you can connect your Petro Meter to the internet with the i329!


tank assembly


petrometer gauge and tank






Full-featured ultrasonic, tank mounted or remote mounted, hard wired digital fluid level gauges



LCD gauge



Shows tank levels in Gallons, Inches and Percent


lc gauge






Petro-Meter Series 5700 Digital Tank Gauge

The rugged reliability of Petro-Meter's classic pneumatic gauges but with 21st century digital accuracy!

Industrial quality gauge



Hydrostatic Pressure


Proportional Digital Readout



tank assembly







Krueger Sentry

Remote Float Readout Of Mechanical Bead Chain/Tube. The ONLY All Mechanical Remote Reading Gauge



Bead Chain to Float Gauge




Krueger Bead Chain Gauge


DU gauge head




Jarhead Tank Gauges

Industrial quality gauge with alarm options


Easy to Read Tank Gauge


Audible Alarm or Audible and Visible alarm options


Tank Gauge reads in 1/4's or 70 Gallon increments

Alarm option has Hi/Lo Alarm Set point



jarhead 007

jarhead sentry


from $49


Sentry and 007 Tank Monitors, Solenoids And Relay

High or Low Level Tank Alarm with optional solenoids and relay


Audible Alarm


Audible and Visible alarm



Hi/Lo Alarm Set point

Direct or Remote Reading







from $239


Afriso Unitel Pneumatic Gauge

Remote Readout via pneumatic action and hydrostatic pressure



Hydrostatic Pressure converts to a percentage of fuel level from 0-100%



No Power Required


afriso unitel


afriso unitel




Afriso Unimes E Mechanical Fluid Level Indicator
With Remote Display

Unimes E provides level readings at the tank AND at a remote reading location-no external power required


Direct indication at the tank without power
supply and electronic remote indication up
to 10 m(32 ft) away



Battery Operated




unimes E




Afriso DIT-01 Digital Tank Contents Indicator

Industrial Grade Remote Digital Tank Monitor


Remote Readout via hydrostatic pressure sensor

Universal application in tanks of up to 3 m
in height or diameter



High Accuracy

Battery Operated









Industrial Grade Overfill Alarm for Tank Overfill Prevention


Audible and Visible Alarm from Tank or Remote Location



1 Alarm Set point

tank assembly


overfill alarm




Oil Alert

Tank Mounted Low Level Audible Alarm


Sound Alarm

Optical Switch


1 Alarm Set point



oil alert, oil tank alarm, low level alarm, fuel tank monitor, tank level gauge, tank level monitor


Alarm Sound From

Tank Location





Midget Model 277 Levelometer Pneumatic Gauge



Hydrostatic Pressure



No Power Required



levelometer, pneumatic tank level gauge, tank level gauge, tank level monitor, oil tank gauge


Choose readout from proportional (i.e. E, ¼, ½, ¾, F), liters, gallons, feet & inches, or percent


From $429



Just call home, if your phone rings, your heat is on. If you get a persistent busy signal, the Freeze-Alert has sensed a significant temperature drop.




Connects to phone line.

Temperature sensor


1 Level Point


freeze alert


freeze alert




Petro-Meter Fuel Devil

Wireless Capacitive Sensor LED Bar Readout (Note: not recommended for tanks with sludge problems)


Wireless Capacitive


20 Level Points


Fuel Devil Transmitter


Fuel Devil reciever




Which type do you have?

horizontal tank

Horizontal Tank


vertical tank

Vertical Tank







Did You Know?

NPT Thread Size Is Not The Actual Size!

NPT ---Actual O.D.


1 1/4"--------1.660"

1 1/2"--------1.900"


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