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beckett rocket™ (formerly OEM Rocket)
Beckett Rocket™ Wireless Fuel Level Monitor


The Beckett Rocket 7000 system is an electronic gauge that accurately and reliably measures the
fuel level in your oil tank and transmits that information to a wireless receiver located in a convenient
place in your home.


  • The Beckett Rocket is a wireless ultrasonic fuel level monitor complete kit which includes Receiver, Transmitter, 2” NPT adapter, 2 mounting screws, and instructions.
  • Provides visual and audible warning when oil is low
  • The receiver displays the oil level as "bars", where each bar represents 10% of the tank's capacity.
  • Replaceable Lithium cell transmitter battery lasts over 10 years
  • Installs on inside or outside tank in under 10 minutes
  • Multiple receivers can be set up to receive from one transmitter
  • The omni-directional transmitter allows the receiver(s) to be located anywhere within 150 ft of the transmitter.
  • Can be installed on vertical tanks, horizontal tanks, or any tank up to 10 feet tall!
  • Tools needed: Pipe Wrench, Thread Sealant, Phillips Screwdriver

*Maintenance free-2 year warranty!

Installation note: clearance above the tank needed for installation of the Rocket is approximately 6" minimum above the tank.

The Beckett Rocket Wireless Fuel Level Monitor System

oem adapter and receiver



Rocket and 2" Adapter

rocket receiverrocket sender and adapter


Rocket 7000 for Above Ground Tanks

beckett rockett


Above Ground Tank System Includes:

Transmitter "Rocket" with gasket

Receiver with LCD display

Metal tank adapter (2" NPT)

Mounting screws (2)





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