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Remote Reading Gauges

Direct Reading Gauges

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Remote Reading Gauges

Products for reading Fuel-Oil levels anywhere within your home or office


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The Remote Fuel Oil, LPG and Water Level Monitoring Solution Center

Can you find the fuel oil gauge in this typical basement?

can you find the oil gauge

If your fuel tank looks like this, you may have a problem knowing how much fuel you have. Or, if your gauge is stuck or broken, you just might run out of oil. The Fuel Minder Store offers a wide variety of products to bring your heating system into the 21st century!

The House Minder™ Collection

Products for monitoring fuel level, temperature, water sensing, and more via internet and phone

it watchdog

web 600



Direct Reading Gauges

Products for reading fuel levels directly at your tank

oem tank gauge


Fuel &Water Monitoring and Fuel & Water Management Solutions Available To Fit Every Application

Systems to read your fuel or water level and monitor temperature and virtually any other parameter you choose from anywhere in your home, or anywhere in the world!

--Enjoy the comfort and convenience of reading your home heating fuel oil/water level from any location you choose

--Monitor fuel/water level, temperature and more either directly, remotely, or via internet or phone

--Eliminate costly unscheduled oil service calls

--Save on heating costs by purchasing and delivering fuel wisely

--No more basement trips for elderly or handicapped

--The Fuel Minder Store offers a variety of remote reading fuel/water level indicators and accessories for above ground and buried tank applications

--Systems can be hard wired, wireless, mechanical or pneumatic

--Products for monitoring LPG and Propane too!

Underground Tank Solutions

Products designed
especially for buried tanks


national magnetics


steely dan


LPG and Propane Gauges

Products for reading LPG and Propane tank levels remotely

lpg monitordial facewill call monitor


To complete your heating system needs, including tank warmers, floating suction lines, water removal systems, containment pans, tank locks and more

kleen flotank pantank warmer


The Water Minder™ Collection

Products for reading water levels in cisterns, water tanks and reservoirs and more

cistern gaugefaucetlock

New Featured Special!

Smart Water Wireless Water Level Monitoring System

How about a remote reading water tank gauge for your water tank or cistern that's wireless and SOLAR POWERED!

The Fuel Minder Store introduces the new Smart Water Wireless Water Level Monitoring System: a complete, simple solution for continuous monitoring and management of water and other fluid levels.

smart water



Looking for a sending unit for your own custom system?






Check our stock of nearly new or refurbished items at bargain prices. All with warranty!


Featured Special!


A simple hard-wired LPG monitor that's economical, reliable and easy to install.

Remote LPG Tank Monitor

lpg gauge

No need to go outside and check the tank anymore! Install in a convenient place, such as a kitchen, laundry room or garage. With a simple push of the button, you can check the tank level and call when levels are low. A no-brainer for $89!


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