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Tank Gauge Water Level Indicator

Monitoring your rainwater made easy!

The Tank Gauge is a rainwater tank level indicator which ensures you are able to tell how much water is in your tank at a glance

The RainHarvesting Tank Gauge™ is a water level indicator that is simple and easy to install. Suitable for all vented tanks up to 100" in height. Features an easy-to-read display dial and utilizes a weight float, suspended on a string line to provide accurate readings. Gauge is fitted to the tank via two screws provided.


  • Quick and easy to install - simple DIY product
  • Seals directly to the tank
  • Suitable for all existing and new tanks
  • No batteries or wiring required
  • Easy to read dial face with 'empty and full' indicators
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • UV resistant
  • Suitable for all vented tanks up to 100" in height
  • Able to be securely installed on a wide variety of tanks shapes
  • Utilizes a reliable float system
  • Can be calibrated to almost any tank
  • Distilled water used in floats
  • Empty and full indicators allow for a more meaning full measurement than a numbered dial (due to rainwater tanks' widths and styles)

Installation Tools:

  • Hole Saw (1-1/4" to 1-1/2")
  • Philips Head Screwdriver


rain harvesting tank gauge


tank gauge illustration


Rain Harvesting Tank Gauge Water Level Indicator

Item # RH100....$39