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cistern gauge
Water Level Indicator

Water Tank Level Gauge. Measures the water-level in all cisterns, water-tanks, pools, ponds, and reservoirs up to 100". Designed for easy installation in existing water-tanks. Weatherproof. Non-electrical device.


  • Diaphragm type pressure gauge
  • Scale in inches and meters
  • Full readout scale 100 inches (~8.3 ft)
  • Accuracy 1-2 inches
  • Weatherproof enclosure
  • Door positioning left or right
  • Nozzle piece with heavy iron core
  • Enclosure dimensions LxWxH - 11x3x2 inch/275x80x50 mm
  • Complete installation kit includes screws, plugs and clips, 30 feet of 1/4" clear vinyl tubing, calibration key,
    Instruction leaflet: English

Durable enclosure that securely fixes the gauge to the wall, both indoors and outdoors. Protects the gauge against heat, light and rain.

  • The enclosure is made out of ABS and therefore resists cracking due to U.V. radiation in the tropics and will also not crack due to frost.

  • Fits virtually all water-tanks, water storages, reservoirs and cisterns


cistern gauge

See the Cistern Gauge Video:



cistern gauge

CISTERN GAUGE Includes Complete Installation Kit



How does it work?

A pressure bulb pushes air into a tube that reaches to the bottom of the cistern. Once bubbles come out of the nozzle at the bottom of the gauge, the needle of the gauge corresponds with the depth of the water. After pumping two or three times the needle reaches its maximum height. No matter how many times you pump, the pressure will not alter: You will just push more bubles out of the nozzle, but the reading remains the same.


Cistern Gauge with Complete Installation Kit

Item #CG100....$114