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Mopeka Pro Check-Water Sensor (Bottom Mount w/Collar)

The Mopeka Pro Check Water Sensor features ultrasonic sensing for water tanks in horizontal or vertical cylinders and mount to the bottom of those tanks by magnets. The liquid level, temperature and sensor battery voltage is streamed wirelessly.

All preparation materials included.

This package includes 1 Pro sensor, collar set with preinstalled adhesive, and adhesive prep materials.


  • Water Tanks: All Gray and Potable water tanks; Any flat bottom plastic or metal water tank less than 48″overall height.
  • Mounting: Retaining collar (included) that sticks to tank bottom with pre-applied permanent adhesive.
  • How to read level via Bluetooth: Free Mopeka Check APP on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Power: CR2032 Battery.
  • Also compatible with Mopeka Wifi Bridge, allowing remote reading of sensor using APP.
  • Simple to install - no need fore a technician
  • 3 year warranty

Mopeka Pro Check-Water Sensor (Bottom Mount w/Collar)

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The Mopeka Check PRO Sensor for Water. The PRO Sensor combines all the best technology of our ultrasonic sensing for the best sensor performance ever.

Mopeka Pro Check-Water ultrasonic sensors use BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy), a wireless technology that allows devices to be networked within a range of about 10 meters, while consuming significantly less power compared to ordinary Bluetooth technology.

Mopeka Pro Check-Water Sensor (Bottom Mount w/Collar)

water tank meter, water gauge, water tank gauge, water level meter

Order #MOPROH20...$69

Mopeka Pro Water Instructions



Mopeka Check Wireless LED Display

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Cat. #024-1004....$42

Need a local display of tank level in addition to, or instead of Smartphone access?  Mopeka Check Monitor works with two Mopeka Check sensors (Pro or Standard), and allows you to monitor the levels in two separate propane cylinders. Programmable for 20, 30, 40, and 100 lb cylinders. Each side is independent and thus may be programmed for different sizes. Power: CR2032 Battery

Mopeka WiFi Bridge

Mopeka WiFi Bridge

Cat. #024-3000...$45

The Mopeka Check Wifi Bridge connects your Mopeka Check sensor to the cloud via your local WIFI router. Also works with Alexa and Google Home system voice commands. With the bridge, your tank level is continuously updated to the Mopeka cloud. The Mopeka app will then retrieve the tank level from the cloud if the sensor is not within range of your phone/tablet. So, you can check your tank level no matter where you are. Great for vacation homes, RV parks, and gas companies. Powered by USB-C cable & power cube (included).