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temperature sensor


Temperature Sensor

This device allows you to measure temperature. These units can be used to monitor environmental conditions, both indoors and out (with proper weatherproofing), and are an essential part of your total weather station. You may wish to install these in multiple indoor locations, to monitor conditions throughout your home (eg. bathroom, kitchen, living areas). As a part of a total home automation system, temperature can be a trigger for events such as turning on exhaust fans, or controlling zoned heating and cooling.


  • 200°C Temperature Span
  • Accuracy Better Than ±2% of Full Scale
  • Linearity Better Than ±1% of Full Scale
  • Temperature Coefficient of 22.5 mV/°C
  • Output proportional to temperature x V+
  • Single-supply Operation
  • Reverse Voltage Protection
  • Minimal Self Heating
  • High Level, Low Impedance Output


Temperature Sensor

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Temperature Sensor

temperature sensor

Temperature information can be used by home automation systems to turn on heat, air conditioning, or fans. Of course, many users simply like to report temperature, as a part of a total weather monitoring system.

This sensor is a monolithic temperature sensor with on-chip signal conditioning. It can be operated over the temperature range -50°C to +150°C, making it ideal for use in numerous HVAC, instrumentation and automotive applications.

The signal conditioning eliminates the need for any trimming, buffering or linearization circuitry, greatly simplifying the system design and reducing the overall system cost.

The output voltage is proportional to the temperature times the supply voltage (ratiometric). The output swings from 0.25 V at -50°C to +4.75 V at +150°C using a single +5.0 V supply.