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Wireless Local LPG Monitor

LevelCon’s latest offering, Wireless LPG Monitoring System, is like no other in its class. Combining the power of our vetted F100 platform with a WP01SN sender, installation of your back up propane system has never been easier.

No need to trench up the Earth to run conduit from your propane tanks to the control building. The WP01 streams near live data via a proprietary wireless signal directly from your tank to the gateway.

The F100M delivers a constant level LCD indicator with a set of grounding contacts to trigger downstream alarm controls. The integration of a full ModBus RS485 module allows for more control and expandability.

This system is also available in a full cellular or satellite configuration for remote access


  • Local level monitoring and control
  • Residential or Industrial Propane level monitoring
  • Frac Tank monitoring
  • Backup generator monitoring and control


  • 1 Analog Input & 1 Digital Grounding Input- Alarm Capable. Intrinsically safe: Class I Div 1 Group D Certified
  • Multi-sensor RS485 deployment /UART Modbus, I2C
  • Optional Cat-M1LTE/NBIoT. Multi-carrier Sim: Verizon, At&t, Sprint & T-Mobile. Global compatibility Option.
  • Optional cellular communication with satellite fallback.
  • GPS enabled for mobile asset tracking
  • Integrated temperature & barometric pressure sensor
  • 24/7 access to data on LevelCon Cloud or local SCADA
  • 3x AA battery with optional solar power assistance

Levelcon Wireless Local LPG Monitor

lpg tank level monitor, gas tank gauge, propane tank monitor

The WP01 effortlessly sends the propane tank levels to the F100M which displays thethe tank percentage at all times. Any time the programmable level drops below the configured threshold, it automatically triggers the dry contact to signal the local control alarm system.

lpg tank level monitor, propane tank monitor

Three Step Installation

1. Place the WP01 wireless transmitter anywhere on the tank via the preinstalled Neodymium magnetic clip.

2. Install the R3D Hall Effect sensor in place of the existing dial.

3. Install the F100M in the control building with 12v outlet power adapter, and you are done.

lpg gauge, propane tank level monitor


Levelcon Wireless Local LPG Monitor

Order #F100-WP01SN...$969