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gaslow 1500
Electronic Remote Propane Fuel Indicator

Why is it your Propane seems to run out at the worst time? The patented easy-to -read Gaslow 1500 indicator warns you when your cylinder is running low.

Plus, the Gaslow 1500 indicator allows you to check the complete gas system quickly and easily for leaks


  • Remote indicator lights flash when Propane level is low
  • Start up leak detection warning light
  • Easy to read gauge for direct reading at the tank
  • Provides remote propane low fuel-level indication up to 100 feet* away
  • Hardwired system
  • Easy installation-no tools required
  • Fits all Propane tanks manufactured after 1995
  • Simple fool-proof design gives long lasting service
  • Requires 2 AAA batteries (not included-see Order Info)
  • UL listed

Low Level Monitoring

Users of propane gas know that it is extremely difficult to tell when the cylinder is running low. Gaslow unique measuring instruments are fitted before the regulator
on the high-pressure side of the propane gas system to monitor the vaporization of the gas as it is being used to give advanced warning of low gas levels.

Leak Protection

Propane gas has an excellent record for safety but must be handled with care. With the gauge fitted directly onto the cylinder, its leak test function can give total peace of mind. They are the only units which will quickly and easily perform a pressure leak test on the complete system, including the cylinder connection.

*Gaslow comes with 30 inches of cable for the remote indicator. Additional cable lengths available: 12', 20', 100' (see ORDER INFO)


How many times have you shaken your propane tank hoping to know how much gas was left? With a GASLOW® Propane Gas Monitor Gauge you will always know when fuel is running low.

gaslow 1500

The Gaslow 1500 was the first, and is the only, measuring system to work in almost all gas cylinder applications with total accuracy. It is straightforward, cost-effective, easy to fit, and extremely reliable. Its unique advanced calibration warns you when gas supplies are running low and tests the complete system for dangerous gas leaks. Ideal for boats, motorhomes, RV’s, patio heaters, gas barbecues, and propane powered mosquito traps. The propane gas user can simply install an easy-toread indicator for totally dependable results.

gaslow indicator


The GASLOW 1500 comes with a remote monitor gauge with 30 inches* of cable and flashing red lights to indicate low fuel and start-up leaks.


Gaslow 1500 tank gauge is great for Gas Grills, RV’s and Boats.

gaslow package

Simple Installation!

Gaslow 1500 Electronic Remote Propane Fuel level indicator
Gaslow 1500 Electronic Remote Propane Fuel Indicator with 30" cable
Order #AD-3G
Gaslow 1500 Extension Cable
(choose 12', 20', or 100' lengths)
Order #AD-3GX
Cable length
Two AAA Batteries
Order #AAA2