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Midget Model 277 Pneumatic Levelometer

The Midget Model 277 Pneumatic gauge is a durable, reliable and accurate gauge for tank level monitoring in vented tanks. The Midget Model 277 gauges have been used for many years in tank gauging systems requiring remote indication with accuracy and stability over wide temperature ranges.

These gauges are supplied with custom dials, depending on the application. Dial scales may be manufactured to indicate proportional (i.e. E, ¼, ½, ¾, F), liters, gallons, feet & inches, percentage of full and dual scale.

The last gauge you'll ever need!


  • Recommended for tank capacities up to 5000 gallons
  • Maximum tank height is 10 feet
  • 3 ½" (90°) dial provides up to 50 graduations and is generally accurate to ± 2%
  • No power required
  • Lasts a lifetime!
  • ULC/ORD-C180-97 Liquid Level Gauges and Indicators For Fuel Oil and Lubricating Oil Tanks Certification
  • UL 180 Standard of Safety: Liquid-Level Gauges for Oil Burner Fuels and Other Combustible Liquids Certification
  • Made in Canada

levelometer, tank level gauge, pneumatic gauge, oil tank gauge



Midget Model 277 Levelometer

ktech levelometer, pneumatic tank level gauge, oil tank gauge, tank level monitor


Theory of Operation

The Midget Model 277 provides an intermittent capacity reading for vented tanks. The tank assembly is 3/16" copper tubing with an air chamber at one end. The tubing assembly is inserted into the tank until the air chamber touches the bottom. The other end of the tubing is connected to the tube fitting on the Midget gauge. The hand pump provides the source of air. Air is pumped through the tubing into the tank. The back pressure caused by the column height of liquid in the tank causes the gauge pointer to move and indicate the capacity of liquid in the tank. The gauge must be pumped again and another reading taken. When two consecutive readings are the same then an accurate measure has been obtained.

levelometer, pneumatic tank gauge, tank level gauge oil tank gauge

Easy Installation

Straighten out air chamber end and insert straight through tank opening until it touches bottom of the tank. Screw reducing bushing and compression fitting which forms a tight joint between the tubing and the reducing bushing. These fittings are on the tubing in order of attachment. Then run the tubing to the desired gauge location, cut to length and connect tubing to the gauge end. Attach communicating tubing to wall to prevent it from being damaged.


When ordering please be sure to complete ALL fields and enter tank Depth (in inches), Capacity (in gallons or liters) and Fluid type to be measured!

*Note that if you have a Standard Installation (see below), the tubing length is measured from the bottom of the tank to gauge. If you have a Marine Application (see below), the tubing length is measured from the tank entrance to the gauge.

Levelometer with Selected Length of Tubing:
Select Tank Type
Select Tank opening size:
Select Units of Indication:
Depth (Inches) & Capacity (Gal)
Type of fluid -fuel, water etc

Ships from Canada in about 1 week (Note shipping charge includes customs duties)

Just need a Levelometer only (No Tubing or Fittings)?

Levelometer (only)

Item #KT277-X...$399

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Perfect for Water, Fuel, DEF and More!

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levelometer, pneumatic tank gauge, tank level monitor


levelometer, pneumatic tank level gauge, tank level monitor, oil tank gauge