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automatic voice dialer

Use the AVD-45C automatic voice dialer as a stand-alone verbal reporting system for any N/O or N/C alarm sensor or to add voice dialing capability to most alarm systems

Easy to use and install. Calls you when there is a problem on any phone(s) you want. Reliable operation in a compact, unobtrusive dialer completely compatible with any security alarm system.


  • Single Channel- Dial 4 number locations for voice/pager operation
  • Normally Open, Normally Closed, or Voltage activation
  • Programmable PBX (PABX), Tone/Pulse dialing
  • Memory retention (EEPROM) if power is removed or temporarily interrupted
  • OGM (max 32 sec duration): very good quality
  • Exit/entry delay functions
  • Internal 9V alkaline battery (4-hr standby)
  • Primary DC supply (standard): works over full range of 9-18VDC
  • Self contained alarm system
  • Includes 12vdc power supply




Perfect for residential, commercial or industrial applications, the automatic dialer is designed for direct, immediate notification of emergency situations using any regular phone line. This 1 Channel version, delivers customized recorded messages to the phone, cell or pager numbers of your choice.

Solidly reliable and affordable!


  • Security/Burglar/Fire Alarm Notification
  • Equipment Malfunction Notification
  • Environmental Warning Notification
  • High/Low Temperature Threshold Notification
  • High/Low Fuel Level Notification
  • Optional sensors and a complete fuel monitoring system available-see below


Installation and hookup are quick and easy, whether installed in conjunction with normally open, normally closed dry contact or voltage activation sensors. The unit can also function as a stand-alone device, by simple connection to an ordinary telephone jack.



This complete system gives you instant notification of high or low fuel levels to the phone(s) of your choice

Complete System Includes:

AVD-45C Automatic Voice Dialer


High/Low Level Float Switch

single level switch

(Standard vertical and horizontal tank sizes available--Contact Us for custom size tanks)

Includes all parts necessary for complete installation




F20 Temperature Switch

temp switch

Looking for an affordable way to monitor critical
temperature settings? The F20 is always reliable, easy
to install, and provides a standard dry contact output
so there’s no need to worry about compatibility issues.

· Fixed Temperature Type
· Closed Circuit Detector Opens at 40° F
(Variance of +/- 5°F)
· Contact Rating 24VDC-120mA
· Automatic Reset
· UL LIsted and CA State Fire Marshall Approved


Water Level Sensor

· NO/NC Capability
· Activates with presence or
absence of water
· Detects water leaks before
becoming a major problem
· Detects low water condition on
floor, in fish tank, etc.
· Easy install to Automatic Voice
Dialer, just attach wires.


Power Loss Sensor

power loss sensor

· Detects loss of Power (110VAC)
· Dry Contact Output
· Automatic Reset

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