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Black Knight Liquid Level Gauge

BJ Enterprises Black Knight Liquid Level Tank Gauge is a direct reading mechanical digital gauge. The Black Knight displays numbers that decrease as the fluid level lowers, indicating how many inches are left until the tank is empty. For use with oil, waste oil, diesel fuel, antifreeze, water, and other fluids with a low flash point.


  • Easily adjustable to measure any size tank from 0" - 99"
  • Large number display for easy reading
  • Molded housing
  • Direct drive
  • fits 2" N.P.T. thread
  • Nickel plated brass chain
  • Oversized floats with swivel assembly
  • Easy installation
  • Not recommended nor intended for use in gasoline or highly flammable liquids

Black Knight Digital Liquid Level Gauge Reads In Inches


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black knight



Black Knight Liquid Level Digital Tank Gauge

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