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Pneumatic Tank Gauge

Product Description

The Afriso Unitel Pneumatic/Hydrostatic Gauge is the perfect solution if you need remote fuel reading capability without external power or batteries. Just pump the gauge once or twice and get your accurate reading of fuel level from 0 to 100%


Features and specification:

  • Easy to install
  • No electrical supply, works off the pressure exerted by the fuel in the tank
  • For cylindrical or rectangular tanks 900-3000mm (35 to 118") high.
  • The tank height is fully adjustable.
  • Measures the tanks contents as a percentage, 0-100%
  • Comes with 10 metres (32 ft) of capillary tubing (longer available on request upto max. 50m or 160+ ft.) Contact Us
  • Readout can be mounted on the tank wall or remotely from the tank
  • Just pull the plunger down & release to get a reading
  • Dual clock face for cylindrical or rectangular tanks
  • Measuring accuracy ±3 % of full scale value.
  • Dual threaded adaptor suiting most tank sockets
  • With zero correction and integrated overpressure
  • Reference pointer for easy consumption monitoring
  • Wall mounting housing made of
    impact-resistant plastic with
    integrated hand pump
    W x H x D: 145 x 135 x 65 mm


Afriso Pneumatic Tank Gauge

afriso unitel



Afriso Pneumatic Tank Gauge with Pneumofix complete universal mounting kit

afriso unitel


Afriso Unitel includes everything you need for installation. Consisting of dual threaded tank adapter G1 and G 1 1/4", reducer G1 x G1 1/2 x G2". Capillary tube in tank (3.1 m long) with balance chamber, condensate trap. Capillary tube made from polyethylene, 10 m. Hose clips and steel nails, capillary extension piece.

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