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AFRISO unimes e
Mechanical Fluid Level Indicator
With Remote Display

For continuous level measurement in tanks containing fuel oil EL, diesel fuel and other low-viscosity
media For tank heights from 0.9 to 2m (3 to 6.5 feet). The
additional remote display enables convenient level indication even if the tank is not easily accessible.
Suitable for remote measurements up to 10 m (32 feet) away.



  • Direct indication at the tank without power
    supply and electronic remote indication up
    to 10 m away
  • tank contents can be displayed in litres,
    cubic metres, percentage or liquid level in mm.
  • Electronic remote display with battery supply-no external power required
  • Push-to-read function for extremely
    long battery service life
  • Convenient monitoring of tank contents with
    easy-to-read display
  • Accurate and reliable (Accuracy < ± 1.0 %
  • Unimes E ships with the mechanical gauge, the electronic indicator with battery, a wall mounting bracket and a 10 m long connection cable. 




Afriso Unimes E Fuel Level Indicator With Remote Display....Item #52130...$379



Note: This gauge has 2" BSP threads. Although this gauge will thread into a 1 1/2" or 2" NPT opening, it should NOT be used in any tank where pressure holding capability is at all critical


Not for use in gasoline

unimes e


Unimes E Mechanical Level Indicator
With Remote Display


enimes e

Unimes E provides level readings at the tank AND at a remote reading location

The complete Unimes E system combines two instruments. A mechanical contents gauge which needs no power supply is installed on the top of the tank and provides contents indication in % of filling level. The additional electronic remote indicator is installed at a distance of up to 10 m away from the tank and provides convenient readings at easily accessible locations. 

The digital remote indication unit and the mechanical, analogue instrument are connected by means of a screened, 3-core cable. The remote unit is operated by means of a lithium battery with a service life of up to 5 years. It is only switched on for measurements (push-to-read function). The four-digit, 12 mm high, backlit LC display enables convenient reading of the measured values (litres, cubic meters, %, or liquid level (mm)) even under adverse light conditions. The system is easy and quick to install (G1½ or G2 connection thread). 




unimes e

unimes e


Afriso Unimes E Fuel Level Indicator With Remote Display....Item #52130...$379