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With The Unitronics Controller


Monitor fuel level and temperature and more via the internet with the House Minder's small but powerful Unitronics Controller

Fuel level data and and building temperature are sent to the Unitronics controller via individual sensors, which the contoller communicates over its Ethernet network interface. The monitoring interface for the Unitronics Controller is its built-in website server. Your computer then accesses the server and becomes the "gauge" which can then be read from anywhere on the internet. Here's a sample screen shot:

unitronics screen shot

Plus, there's so much more this product can do. In addition to monitoring fuel level and temperature, the Houseminder with Unitronics can monitor just about any parameter you choose. Unitronics can also be used for data-logging and remote control. Need to store data over time? Need to turn on/off a water main or light? Unitronics can meet all your home automation needs.

The Unitronics Controller is a palm-sized PLC with a built-in Operator Panel. The panel offers a graphic display screen and keypad so you can also monitor parameters locally. The Graphic HMI display screen can show images, text, and graphs according to real-time parameters. It can also display graphs based on historical values, to reflect trends of recorded data.


Choose preferred sender and accessories when ordering in a package or order components ala carte.


Magneto Resistive Sending Unit

fm 2 sender

Magneto-Resistive Level Sensor

Rugged, accurate and dependable


Ultrasonic Sensor

ultrasonic sensor

The Ultrasonic Sensor is a general purpose non-contact ultrasonic level switch, controller and transmitter for small tanks 49.2" (1.25 m) or less



Steely Dan Hydrostatic Pressure Sensor

steely dan

Steely-Dan is an extremely accurate fuel-level sensor that can be used for either fuel or water level monitoring

(Zener Barrier recommended when using in hazardous locations)


Temperature Sensor

temp sensor

The External Temperature Sensor may be used to measure ambient air temperature.

The House Minder™


With Unitronics Display Showing Fuel Level and Temperature

System packages include The Unitronics Controller, one fuel level sender, one temperature sensor, hookup wire. Pre-wired and pre-programmed for fuel, temperature and remote display.

(See below to order)



Unitronics 130 Series Controller



Unitronics Controller with Optional Enclosure

unitronics enclosure

Houses and Protects Unitronics Controller, Wires, Terminals


Starter Programs Include Fuel Level and Temperature Sensing

Unitronics 130 Series Controller ONLY with starter program and ethernet port

Order #UNIT

The Houseminder with Unitronics 130 Series Controller System Package with starter program and prewired for 42" Magneto Resistive Sender in Vertical Tanks and Temperature Sensor

Order # UNIT-42

The Houseminder with Unitronics 130 Series Controller System Package with starter program and prewired for 27" Magneto Resistive Sender in Horizontal Tanks and Temperature Sensor

Order # UNIT-27

The Houseminder with Unitronics130 Series Controller System Package with starter program and prewired for Ultrasonic Sensor and Temperature Sensor

Order # UNIT-ULT

The Houseminder with Unitronics 130 System Package with starter program and prewired for Hydrostatic Pressure Sensor and Temperature Sensor

Order # UNIT-HYD

Zener Barrier (Recommended for use in hazardous locations) Order #ZENER
Temperature Sensor ONLY with 6" flying leads

Order #3667

Unitronics System Optional Enclosure