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Rube goldberg special
Webcam Fuel Level and Temperature Monitoring System

Here's what it is:

We are well aware that remote monitoring can be pricey. It's just the nature of the beast. But Rube Goldberg and Syba Systems have novel solutions that may be unconventional, but they work, are dirt cheap, and anyone can install in just a few minutes.

This system includes an OEM Rocket 7000, an Indoor/Outdoor thermometer, and an IP Webcam. View all your gauges (and anything else) on any computer by using the software provided and logging into your IP Webcam. The IP Webcam has its own server so it needs no computer!

webcam screen shot

Simply install the wireless Rocket on your tank, set up the Webcam, the Rocket 7000 gauge and the Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer and you're in business. Use your computer to see what's going on in the spaces that matter to you from anywhere you can access the Internet!

The Webcam system can be used as a security/surveillance system as well. The pan and tilt feature allows you to "look" around and listen in on the monitored area. You get fuel level and temperature monitoring, and real time visual and audio surveillance all for an amazing low price!

ip webcam

Plus, the Wireless IP Webcam includes a motion detection function which can be set to trigger an alarm or send email notification with pictures captured! You can also record video instantly, or program a pre-set record time.

rocket package

The Rocket 7000 Wireless Fuel Level Monitor is easy to install in less than 10 minutes!


An unbelieveable system at an unbelievable price!

Here's what you get:

The IP Webcam:

The beauty of the IP Webcam is that it NEEDS NO COMPUTER to interface to the web.


Just plug it in to an ethernet port or go wireless to a router. The Webcam can be mounted on wall, ceiling or stand alone.The camera gives a sharp clear image of your gauges. Great resolution even in low light. As a bonus, use the pan and tilt feature to easily monitor the space that's important to you directly from any computer in the world! It even has two way audio too! (Style may vary)



thermometerThe Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer:

Provides continuous temperature monitoring with remote outdoor probe for measuring temperature anywhere-- computer roooms, walk-in coolers, basements, garages or anywhere outdoors or indoors you choose. (Style may vary)


The Rocket 7000 Wireless Fuel Level Monitor:

oem rocket

  • It's an ultrasonic fuel level sensor that provides visual and audible warning when oil is low
  • The receiver displays the oil level as "bars", where each bar represents 10% of the tank's capacity.
  • Replaceable Lithium cell transmitter battery lasts over 10 years
  • Installs on inside or outside tank in under 10 minutes
  • Multiple receivers can be set up to receive from one transmitter
  • The omni-directional transmitter allows the receiver(s) to be located anywhere within 150 ft of the transmitter.


So easy to install, even a caveman could do it!


Rube Goldberg Special-Webcam Fuel Level and Temperature Monitoring System

Order #RGS...$219