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Series 5700 Digital Tank Gauge

The Petro-Meter Series 5700 is the classic Petrometer Pneumatic Tank Gauge on Steroids! Now you can have the rugged reliability of Petrometer's pneumatic gauges with 21st century digital accuracy and industrial grade quality!!


  • PETRO-METER Series 5700 digital tank gauge systems combine state-of-the-art engineering with proven hydrostatic metering technologies to deliver instrumentation that is highly accurate, maintenance-free, and reliable over years of service. These robust devices are molded into rugged fiberglass enclosures maintaning a NEMA 4 rating for outdoor installations.
  • Each Series 5700 features precision pressure transducer design capable of resolving total tank level heights to 1 of 200 individual and discreet level readings. Systems can be calibrated in varying units of level height (i.e. inches, centimeters, etc.) and volume (i.e. gallons, liters, etc.) according to furnished tank dimensions or tank manufacturer charts as available.
  • Easily retrofits existing Petrometer transmission lines, or purchase the Tank Assembly for new installations (see ORDER INFO)


The system allows for a pair of pre-set alarm levels to be pre-programmed producing visual alarm status indication
(LED's) as well as an audible and silenceable alert via a built-in piezoelectric buzzer.

Completing the functional design of these devices is a pair of isolated contacts that energize upon any pre-set alarm condition. These contacts allow for alarm level warnings to be sent to remote annunciating devices, or can serve as a pilot circuit control for auxiliary machinery such as pumps, valves, etc.

Data streams produced over a 4 to 20 mA loop can be directed to computer peripheral devices and complement existing tank inventory management systems through a variety of custom interface modules.




Lead time is approx. 4 weeks

petrometer 5700

5700 Gauge With Cover

5700 with cover

Pressure Transducer Specs:

5700 specs

Series 5700 Enclosure

5700 enclosure

Series 5700 Air Flow Indicator

5700 airflow indicator

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Two models available (see order info):

Series 5700 compressed air driven model Item #5700-2

Series 5700 hand pump model

Item #5700-6

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