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national magnetic
National Magnetic Remote Fuel Level Indicator


  • Rugged, reliable, hard wired remote fuel gauge will give years of trouble free service
  • Five LED indicator lights inform you of the fuel level
  • All systems include an industrial quality brass probe, an attractive LED indicator panel, and a plug in power supply. The probe or sending unit mounts in the oil tank and provides a direct contact with the oil level. The indicator panel displays the amount of product in the tank. The system is powered up by the plug in transformer and can be spliced in anywhere in between the probe and panel. (Optional Integrated Tank Heaters* available too). As easy to install as a doorbell!

  • above ground sender

    Above ground tank sending unit


    underground sender

    Underground tank sending unit

  • Series 80000 models can also monitor diesel fuel, kerosene, waste oil, water, and LPG.



  • *Optional Integrated Tank Heater Available

    The Optional Integrated Tank Heater is a 7 Watt 24 BTU warming element which is installed in the bottom of the sensor stem. The heater radiates heat whenever the air temperature in the tank falls below 40F degrees. Will retard or diminish the thickening or gelling of #2 fuel oil in cold temperatures.


national magnetics sender

Veiw of gauge with installation kit



national magnetics

Multiple receivers can be installed for multiple tank applications


What's Provided:

  • LED Panel (Fits standard electrical wall box-not included)
  • Wall Type Plug-In Power Supply (UL & CSA Approved) Supplies low voltage and limited current to the system.
  • Brass Oil Tank Sensor with weatherproof cable assembly for indoor or outdoor mounting. Certain models designed for buried tanks have additional features as required.

What You'll Need to Complete an Installation:

  • A Single Reducer Bushing (for above ground tanks only) 2 x 3/8" or whatever fits your tank opening. Not included in Installation Kit.
  • Wall Box
  • Wall Plate
  • Hook up Wire
  • Wire Nuts


P/N 80013 Installation Kit fits all fuel oil systems (Comes with everything above except for the Reducer Bushing)


Click to see above ground tank installation instructions


Click to see underground tank installation schematic

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