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National Magnetic Sensors
Liquid Level Switches


National Magnetic Sensors Single Level Switch

Single level switches are a simple solution for liquid level switching or indication. They are typically used for low level conditions. Conveniently mounts at the top or bottom of a tank or vessel. The floats can be reversed in field to change the condition of the switch from normally open to normally closed and vice versa.

Designed to indicate low level at approximately 25% full

single level switch

National Magnetic Sensors Triple-Level Switch

The Triple-Level Sensor is a single tubular sensor that contains three discreet sealed contacts. This design enables you to perform several functions with one piece of equipment. Installation is quick and easy.

triple level switch

Employing low-mass hermetically sealed magnetic contacts, MLS (multi-level sensors) are not usually affected by vibration or shock, and thereforecan be used in applications where engines, generators, and other types of heavy machinery operate.
This includes general marine and industrial applications. Generator Sets, Fuel Cells, Compressors, Lubrication Systems, Fuel Storage, and Hydraulic Tanks, are just some of the areas these sensors have been used successfully.

When you need to start or stop pumps, open or close solenoid valves, provide spill prevention with High Alarm contacts, prevent fuel or lubrication run out with Low Alarm contacts, startup or prevent operations with a level operated interlocking contact, even detect higher or lower than desired temperatures in these liquids, (such as hydraulic fluid) MLS Sensors can handle the requirement cost effectively.

Because they are built to work under tough conditions, MLS sensors provide very long service life, in many cases 12-18 years have been reported in Marine applications! No "off the shelf general purpose control" can provide this type of service length or reliability.

Vertical tank gauge is designed to indicate:

75% full- approx. 14" down from top

50% full- approx. 22" down from top

25% full- approx 32.5" down from top

(length overall = 34")



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