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The Only All Mechanical Remote Reading Gauge


  • The DU Remote Reading Monitor is perfect for measuring the depth of your underground liquid tank, or any other liquid level remote reading application.
  • Direct mechanical action eliminates potential failure due to electrical or pneumatic connections.
  • Cast aluminum indicator is weather resistant and almost indestructible.
  • All “internal tank” parts available in stainless steel.
  • Can be used for above ground tanks.
  • Can mount indicator lower than the above ground tank if needed.
  • Its accuracy is unaffected by changes in the specific gravity of oil.
  • Choose your exact tank depth and distance from tank that remote indicator will be located, when ordering.  Remote reading good up to 12 feet away.


DU gauge assembly DU Gauge Head

DU Remote Reading Gauge package includes:

  • One tank and float assembly with 2" tank fitting
  • Three 4' lengths (12' total) copper remote tube with slicing fittings
  • One stainless steel bead chain
  • One remote indicator
  • One wall bracket


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