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Krueger Sentry
LED At A Glance Readout ( Float Gauge Sold Separately)

The new LED At A Glance is a remote display accessory that retrofits to Krueger Sentry Float Gauges.

By mounting the magnetic sensor to a level gauge on your tank, you can remotely monitor that tank with a wired LED display up to 100 feet away.

Quick and easy installation: Four screws, position the magnet, run the wire, mount the display. That's all it takes to add a remote level gauge to your storage tank.



  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Yellow Led will illuminate if any fault to the system occurs.
  • Powered by an industry standard 9V Lithium battery. Change after one to three years of use. (Standard 9V batteries work as well)
  • Remote tank display can be located anywhere within 100 feet of the transmitter.  Comes with 25 feet of remote wire, additional may be added.
  • Hi and Low level adjustable alarms. (Can also be disabled.)
  • Automatic sleep mode to conserve battery life.


For Additional Info SEE USER GUIDE

Order Float Gauge Separately-See ORDERING INFORMATION



The LED At A Glance has been through rigorous weather tests and has passed with flying colors.

Liquid level gauges were set up outside the shop mounted to 55 gallon drums, and the LED At A Glance remote level gauge displays were set up in exposed areas.

led snow

Note Ice on wire below:

led with ice

Through a major snow storm (18 inches of snow, 20 below zero with windchill), in all testing cases the remote liquid level monitors still worked great after the storm went through.

(We do suggest placing a hood or some other protection over the level monitor)

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