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At A Glance Direct Reading Float Gauge for GASOLINE

The Krueger at A Glance Liquid Level Indicator for Gasoline is a reliable, swing arm type tank gauge. Its simple mechanical design promotes durability, minimal upkeep, quick installation, and easy/inexpensive repairs.


A premium quality float gauge. Use alone or use with Kreuger LED At A Glance Remote Readout or with the Krueger Alarm Gauge

  • The Krueger Direct Read Float Gauge allows full control of the swing arm direction
  • Custom lengths available from 6" to 144"
  • 2" NPT Krueger gauges in stock. 1.5" NPT available --please call to order
  • Can accommodate pipe risers, vaulted and double wall tanks

krueger H gauge



Need to repair your Krueger guage?

repair kit

  • All in one kit replaces all the non metal components on top of the gauge.
  • Easy inexpensive way to fully repair your Krueger Sentry Tank Gauge.

Order # H-KIT...See ORDER INFO

Need a gauge guard to protect your gauge sight glass?

gauge guard

  • Ultimate damage resistance
  • Covers plastic calibration and replaces red lock nut on Krueger Sight Gauges
  • This feature makes our level gauges virually indestructible to physical harm
  • Aluminum lock nut (above) is built right into this part
  • Added durability for your sight gauges.

Order # ALG...See ORDER INFO


Kreuger Sentry Galvanized Direct Reading Gauge for Gasoline


closeup closeup


The Krueger Direct Read Float Gauge for Gasoline has Glass Calibration, Nytrophil float, Galvanized steel rods, and Aluminum bushing


krueger H gauge

This tank gauge has an easily removable bushing which allows you to thread the bushing into the tank first. Then drop the gauge in and tighten up the red nut. This allows you to aim the swing arm precisely where you want it, and eliminates the swing arm spinning inside the tank while you are threading the indicator in.


Kreuger Sentry Galvanized Direct Reading Gauge for Gasoline - 2"NPT Tank opening - Glass Calibration and Nytrophyll Float.....$79

Order #H-2-xx

(xx = specify tank depth from 6" to 144" and include riser height, if any)

Enter Tank Depth in Inches


Krueger Direct Read Float Gauge optional construction materials:

  • Stainless steel rods and/or stainless steel floats with aluminum bushing
  • Peek plastic rods with PVC bushing
  • 1 5/16" aluminum 5-hole bolt-on flange available
  • 1 5/16" steel flange for welding or soldering available


please call to order