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Fuel Minder-UG--For Underground Tanks
Hydrostatic Pressure Level Sensor with Digital Readout


Finally there is a solution to monitoring fuel levels in underground tanks. The Fuel Minder-UG for Underground tanks is so simple to install and so accurate you won't believe it! The hydrostatic pressure sensor gives you unbelieveable accuracy. Now you can know exacly how much fuel is in the tank or how much fuel has been delivered with confidence.


  • Fast and easy installation
  • Extemely accurate digital readout gives tank depth with accuracy to the nearest inch or gallon*
  • No need to dig up your underground tank to access the tank
  • Simply insert probe into vent pipe (without whistler) or fill pipe
  • Hardwired system is accurate and reliable
  • Fuel level can be monitored remotely anywhere in the home or office via digital gauge
  • Choose from either LED (shown at right) or LCD Display
  • Complete kit with gauge, sensor, power board, power supply, 60' of hookup wire, and all hardware necessary for installation except:
  • Additional "tee" in fill/vent pipe may be required to complete installation (not included--may be purchased at plumbing supply or hardware store)
  • Fuel Minder-UG Option: Includes Zener Diode for Explosion Proof Intrinsic Safety (See ORDER INFO)



LED Digital Display

digital readout


Steely Dan Hydrostatic Pressure Sensor

steely dan

*Note: Fuel Minder-UG for Underground Tanks reads in INCHES. In order to read gallons the Fuel Minder-UG display can be added to a House Minder Collection system. Any of the controllers in the House Minder Collection will convert inches to gallons to give both local readout of fuel levels in GALLONS and a graphic display via INTERNET or PHONE.

Select LED or LCD Display when ordering

LED Display

cistern gauge, oil tank gauge, tank level monitor, tank level gauge, remote tank gauge

LCD Display

cistern gauge, oil tank gauge, tank level monitor, tank level gauge, remote tank gauge




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