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Magneto resistive Fuel Level Sensor
Fuel/Water Level Sensor


The Magneto Resistive Fuel Level Sensor is a rugged vertical float sending unit for fuel or water level sensing.

  • Stainless steel construction

  • Buna-N float material

  • Solid state sensor design

  • Accurate sensor output resolution within 3/4" (approx.) or less, of fuel or water level

  • Standard sizes: Vertical Tank (42") and Horizontal Tank (26")

  • Custom sizes available ranging from 4 inches to 60 inches-Please Call (sending unit lengths are measured from the top of the threads to probe tip.

  • Note-Length Measurement: Sending Unit length should be a minimum of one (1) inch less than the tank depth. Also Note: If tank  surface flexes, deduct one (1) inch from the depth.
  • Fits 1 1/2" NPT or 2" NPT with adapter
  • Easy installation!
  • Installation note: clearance above the tank needed for installation of the sending unit is approximately half the length of the sender--for example, a 42" sender requires about a 21" clearance above the tank.


    Magneto Resistive Fuel Level Sensor

    fuel minder II sender

    Can be used for above ground or underground tanks

    • Available with outputs of:
    • 0-5 volts
    • 0-180 ohms
    • 240-30ohms
    • NEW! 2.8k-ohms

    The 2.8k-ohm output emulates a 2.8k-ohm thermistor and is compatible with controllers such as the Sensaphone Web-600 or Sensaphone-400, providing fuel level monitoring via phone (display shows 0-100%).


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