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STR-2+® Fuel Oil Conditioner

STR-2+® Fuel Oil Conditioner is a heating distillate fuel conditioner that lowers pour point up to 25°F to keep fuel flowing. Breaks down sludge allowing it to pass harmlessly through filters and injectors.

Keeps tanks clean, reducing maintenance. Eliminates sludge formation and fuel corrosion with regular use.

  • Stabilizes fuel to help prevent sludge formation due to sediment in the tank
  • Disperses sludge in the tank as well as in the oil line
  • Protects against cold-flow gelling
  • Prevents ice formation by dispersing and emulsifying water so it doesn’t accumulate and freeze in the oil line
  • Disperses and emulsifies water so it can be sent through the system and pass through the combustion process
  • Prevents biological growth, stabilizes combustion and reduces fuel consumption
  • Ignites fuel faster and improves heat output by as much as 5%
  • Reduces fuel-related service calls
  • Works in Blended Biofuel - The same benefits are achieved in blended Biofuel up to B20 blends.
  • Works in Kerosene - The same benefits with exception to gel prevention only, are achieved in all grades of Kerosene.

Initial Application: 16 oz. conditions up to 275 gallons

Maintenance Application: 8 oz. conditions up to 275 gal.



STR-2+® Fuel Oil Conditioner


Mitco STR-2+® Fuel Oil Conditioner for Home Heating Oil and Biofuel Blends up to B20

STR-2+® is engineered to combat the major fuel oil problems common in both the summer and winter seasons. MITCO STR-2+® is the most cost effective maintenance conditioner that you can use to keep fuel systems running at peak efficiency.

STABILIZES FUEL - Sludge is formed as fuels degrades, breaks down and builds up, more so over the summer months. Over time the sludge builds up so much that you don’t realize that you have a problem until your filter clogs. Use STR-2+® to keep fuel stabilized throughout the year and to inhibit sludge from forming.

DISPERSES SLUDGE - STR-2+® breaks up and dissolves fuel sediment sludge into particles small enough to harmlessly pass through most filters and injectors, cleaning the entire fuel systems. This enable the fuel systems to operate at peak efficiency and leads to increased economy.

PREVENTS GELLING - STR-2+® lowers fuel pour point by up to 25'F. Cold Flow improvers modify wax crystals that form at temperatures below the cloud point, keeping them from forming an impervious mass of gelled fuel that could block flowing fuel.

PREVENTS ICE FORMATION - STR-2+® keeps any free water within the tank or any water absorbed by the fuel from freezing

EMULSIFIES WATER - Water is not only inherent in fuel oil, but it can be introduced at any point between the refinery and delivery. STR-2+® enables water and fuel to mix and emulsify with the fuel. This emulsification prevents algae growth and corrosion.

IMPROVES FUEL COMBUSTION AND EFFICIENCY - Combustion improvers in STR-2+® ignite fuel faster for a more complete burn. This results in increased BTU output, by as much as 5%, using the same amount of fuel. Carbon, soot build-up and emissions are reduced for even more efficiency.



MITCO STR-2+® Fuel Oil Conditioner - 8 fl. oz....#STR2....$19.95




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