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Oil Tank - DEF Tank - Waste Oil/Vegetable Oil Tank Heaters

Rollie Oil Tank Heaters

Rollie Technical Systems provides quality tank heaters for residential and commercial applications. Prevents gelling by warming the oil and promoting natural convection in the tank. We offer two types of tank heaters: Model TH tank heater for tanks that draw oil from the bottom or side of the tank, or Model DTH tank heater to draw heated oil from the top of the tank.

----Model TH---------------Model DTH---------------

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  • Prevents the oil from gelling. Heating oil can gel at temperatures as high as 10 degrees. The heater comes on automatically when the outside air temperature falls below 50 F.

  • Installs in Minutes. The heater is installed in any available tank top opening. A pipe wrench is all that's needed.

  • Rugged Construction. All wetted parts are made from super corrosion resistant 6063 aluminum alloy.

  • Automatic Shut Off. To prevent overheating the heater will turn off whenever the oil level in the tank falls below the end of the heater tube.

  • Internal heater element provides 40 watts of heating power.

  • Power Consumption - Less than 800mA at 100% Duty Cycle

  • 12 VAC transformer included

  • Select the Double Tapped Bushing that fits your tank to complete your order- 2" or 1 1/2" NPT tank opening- other sizes available - Contact Us

  • Standard sizes are 27, 44 and 48 inches. Other lengths available -see Order Information or Contact Us

  • Heaters for Roth tanks also available see Order Information

  • Other Tank Heater types available for DEF, Waste Oil, Vegetable Oil and more - See Below
  • Made in the USA

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Two Models to Choose From:

Model TH Heater

For tanks that draw oil from the bottom or side of the tank

Model TH tank heaters are designed to prevent fuel oils from gelling in outdoor storage tanks.   These heaters are inserted through any available tank top opening that can accommodate or be reduced to 1/2 NPT thread.  This model is used primarily in tanks that draw oil from the bottom or side of the tank rather than from the tank top.   The heater is installed as close as possible to the oil outlet.

Model DTH Heater

To draw heated oil from the top of the tank

heater and draw tube
Model DTH tank heaters are also designed to prevent fuel oils from gelling in outdoor storage tanks.   Unlike TH heaters, these heaters consist of an outer draw tube, the tube that extends down into the tank to draw oil out by pumping from the top. This model heats the oil in the draw tube so the first oil out is the warmest. When the oil isn't being pumped it acts as a standard tank heater.

See the DTH Installation Instructions

Rollie Systems Oil Tank Heaters ORDER INFO

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How It Works

Heat is applied to the oil through the heater tube and warms the oil closest to the heater.   As the oil absorbs heat it begins to rise in the tank.   As the warm oil rises, colder oil moves in to take it's place and the cycle continues.  As long as heat is applied to the oil it will continue to rise and fall in the tank.  There is not a significant rise in overall temperature within the tank, it is the oil movement that helps prevent the oil from gelling.

Rollie Systems Oil Tank Heaters ORDER INFO

*Rollie Technical Systems warrants it’s products for 1 full year from the date of purchase. Warranty covers defects in material or workmanship only. Damage due to improper use or installation will not be covered. Caution: Installation done by unqualified persons can result in hazards to that person and others. These hazards may include spillage of fuel oil, fire, severe burns, damage to system components and other hazards. Rollie Technical Systems, Inc. and Syba Systems LLC shall not be held liable for damages resulting from the use, misuse or mis-application of these products. They are intended for use as a fuel oil warmer only. Using this device in any other application without the written consent of Rollie Technical Systems and Syba Systems LLC will void all warranties and remedies. In any case, either approved or un-approved by us, Rollie Technical Systems and Syba Systems LLC will be held harmless for any and all damages caused by the use of this product. It is the sole responsibility of the purchaser to ensure that the product will work as intended in any and all applications.