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Every Little Drop Hose Meter


Compact and easy to use, the Hose Meter allows you to monitor the volume of water you are using outdoors.  Attaching to a garden tap or between your garden hose and trigger nozzle, the Next-Generation Hose Meter digitally displays the current and accumulated volume of water used.


  • Monitor the total volume of water you are using outdoors watering your garden, washing the car, hosing paths or topping up your swimming pool.
  • Easy to install - simply attach to your garden tap or between your hose and trigger nozzle.
  • LCD screen displays current water volume used and accumulated water usage.  Includes reset button
  • Attaches to standard hoses, nozzles and trigger nozzles - all fittings included
  • Cover included to protect screen from uv damage
  • Can be used for up to 99,000-liters/gallon before resetting
  • Automatically turn off after 10-minute to save battery life
  • Can switch between litres and gallons.
  • 2 AAA Batteries required
  • No maintenance


hose meter

By understanding how much water you are using you can control your water usage - save tank water, reduce your water bills and help the environment.

hose meter 2

hose meter 3

Attach to garden tap or between hose and trigger nozzle


Order the Every Little Drop Hose Meter.....$29