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The Energy Detective
TED 5000 Energy Monitor

TED 5000 is a next-generation home energy monitor that measures the power consumption for your entire house and makes that valuable power metering information available to you, either through your computer, through the wireless display or your smart phone/PDA.


  • Intuitive, simple setup directly from Computer
  • Compatible with Windows PC, Mac & Linux
  • Wireless hand-held display
  • Backlit display
  • Rechargeable Battery - no batteries to change
  • Accurate to within 2%
  • User can customize displays
  • Adjustable sensitivity - user can adjust down to ONE WATT !
  • View real-time energy data remotely via Internet or mobile device
  • Optional Solar/Wind Package - Net-Metering capability
  • Receives signal from multiple sources
  • Ties into Home Automation Systems
  • Stores detailed data for export to computer
  • Accommodates all rate structures (flat, tiered, time-of-use, demand.)

View Your Energy Usage in Real Time

TED dashboard

View Historical Data

TED historical data

Customize Your Data View

TED graph


TED 5000-G

    With Google PowerMeter Solar/Wind Compatible Model 5000-G comes with all the components necessary to monitor energy usage, simply by using your computer or mobile device to track your energy data. The TED 5000-G package includes one set of CTs, one MTU, and one Gateway (does not include the optional Display). Model 5000-G comes with Footprints firmware embedded in the Gateway and works with Google PowerMeter.





TED 5000

    How TED 5000 Works

    TED 5000 is comprised of two main parts. The transmitter (“MTU”) installs in your electrical panel and monitors the main incoming electrical power from your utility and broadcasts this information through the electrical wires in your home. The receiver unit (“gateway”) plugs into a standard household plug and records the power metering information from the MTU.

    Seeing Your Power Use

    There are a number of different ways to see power consumption. All TED 5000 models include “Footprints Software” which can be viewed by plugging an Ethernet network cable into the gateway and connecting through any Internet browser on any computer or laptop. You can also use your iPhone, smart phone or PDA to access Footprints and take your display with you wherever you go!

    View a live demo of Footprints
    This link opens in a new window.

    TED 5000 is also compatible with the new Google PowerMeter energy reporting interface. If you prefer Google’s easy-to-use energy metering interface it’s totally free, so there is no reason not to try it!

    Lastly, there are a number of free or very low cost reporting applications for the iPhone/iPod Touch that can display power metering information from either Footprints or Google PowerMeter!

    But perhaps the easiest and most convenient way to display power use is to purchase a TED 5000 model that includes the wireless remote display. Because it’s wireless, this display can be located in any convenient location in your home.

    ted 5000 display

    Display unit:

    • The display unit has an LCD backlight which is always on
    • A button on the display can toggle between different displays (Watts, Dollars, etc.)
    • The display unit plugs in
    • While the display unit is supposed to have an internal battery that allows you to disconnect it and walk around, the battery life of most units appears to be very short -- sometimes a matter of seconds.
    • The display unit connects to the gateway via Zigbee wireless protocol.  The range of the display to the gateway is quite limited, especially through floors and walls.




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